“The students coming from your preschool do seem to be academically prepared for our curriculum. They definitely have a good base knowledge coming into out classrooms. The students seem to adjust well to classroom rules and expectations. In general, your students seem to be some of the most prepared, both academically and socially.”
Kyrene School District Kindergarten Teacher
“We’ve seen our eldest flourish in so many ways at Family of Christ; academically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. The environment, resources and curriculum make Family of Christ more than a learning center, but a home away from home with the right mix of play and academics. The teachers and staff are wonderful and want nothing more than to embrace your children and share the love of learning and foster healthy and happy relationship with educators, and other children. In addition to being wonderful for our children, my husband and I have found some great friends through other parents and we anticipate they will be lifelong friends as our children grow up together in the Ahwatukee community.”
Anne, Parent
“Family of Christ Pre-school is a wonderful and inviting school for small children and their families. When we first moved to Ahwatukee my daughter and I did not know anyone. We have met so many great friends through the school. Family of Christ also offers various opportunities for parents who like to be involved in the school. The teachers and director are so loving and attentive towards the children and really make them feel welcome and safe. Family of Christ does a great job teaching children about God and building the social and academic skills they need to succeed in a fun and enriching environment. I also loved the flexibility the school offers when building my child’s pre-school schedule; it made juggling my busy family a bit easier.”
Lisa, Parent
“The Family of Christ Learning Center provides a nurturing, Christian environment that encourages our son to love learning as he begins his life journey and encounters challenges along the way. Staff and administration provide firm but fair age-appropriate positive discipline and genuinely care for each student. Going into his third year at the FOC Learning Center, I have watched my son develop social and leadership skills, empathy, compassion, and forgiveness as well as academic skills.The teachers, staff, and administration are skilled and are readily available to parents. There is a sort of joy or happiness you feel when you enter the building. With teachers and parents in good spirits, this trickles down to the children.”
James, Parent
“We could not be happier with Mrs. Karly’s kindergarten class. Our young five-year-old was not ready for a large, impersonal public school kindergarten. We happened to hear from a friend about the wonderful kindergarten that Family of Christ offers, and after taking a tour, learning about the small class size, library, projects and leadership opportunities mentoring younger students, we signed him up. It has been an amazing year. He has grown emotionally and mentally and his academics are outstanding. He loves to read, do art projects, and go to chapel. He is proud of himself and his school!”
Jennie and Tim, Parents
“My children have benefited immensely from spending their preschool years at Family of Christ Learning Center. Thank you to all the wonderful teachers, assistants and staff who have taken an interest in the growth and development of my children! They really do set the foundation for a love of learning as well as a love of God. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Family of Christ Learning Center to any family seeking a warm and caring preschool experience that’s both fun and academically enriching.”
Kim, Parent
“Several years ago, I was unhappy with our current childcare provider. After advice from a relative to look into church childcare providers, I was blessed to walk thru the door at Family of Christ. Two of my children have now attended Family of Christ receiving an amazing Christian-based education. Thru committed teachers that love and nurture each child, my children have developed academically, behaviorally and socially. Witnessing what my children learn each day and how much they enjoy going to school each morning confirms how much I can praise the leadership and teachers of Family of Christ. Also, FOC not only focuses on my children, but also believes in building strong relationships with the community and families. Through the year fun events are planned to bring the community, families and school together. God couldn’t have led me to a better school for my children.”
A.P., Parent