School Programs

Class Curriculum & Enrichment Programs

At Family of Christ Preschool & Kindergarten, our goal is to encourage a love of learning. Our teaching methods are fun and engaging, focusing growth in areas of strength and interest. To build a strong foundation for elementary school, children learn through exploration, play and self-discovery the subjects of reading, writing, language, music, art, science and math. Our kindergarten curriculum follows the current state standards, which call for higher cognitive demand, explanation and analysis. Enrichment programs are also available to enhance your child’s learning experience.

Classroom Dynamics

We value each child at our school. By intentionally limiting class sizes and including aides for all of our teachers, each student receives a higher level of personal attention. We also value our teachers and aides, and the proof is in the longevity of our great staff. Both of these values put in action create a stable, loving and comfortable atmosphere.

Quality Learning Within Reach

Throughout the year we hold fundraising events to keep costs down. Since our parents play an important part in planning, fundraisers are fun and engaging. For our kindergarten students we offer scholarships through ACSTO (Association Christian Schools Tuition Organization).